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“Etchu Yatsuo Owara kaze no bon” Sep.1-3 every year

Year 2020 Owara kaze no bon was cancelled due to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Owara circle dancing & town strolling (at each town blocks)(abort if it rains)
Sep.1,2 PM3:00-PM11:00
(due to dinner, no dancing showed between PM5:00-PM7:00)
(no dancing showed while each town blocks are performing at the performance stage)
Sep.3 PM7:00-PM11:00(no dancing showed before 7PM)

How to get to Yatsuo


From Toyama Station

○Take a JR Takayama Line train and get off at Etchu Yatsuo Station (about 27min.)
○Take a bus from Toyama Station bus terminal for Yatsuo (about 45min.)


From Toyama Airport
○Take a bus for Yatsuo (about 25min.)


2018 “Owara kaze no bon eve festival” Aug.20(Mon)-30(Thu)
 Schedules of each town block (abort if it rains) PM 8 - PM 10

 Aug.20(Mon) Higashishinmachi
 Aug.21(Tue)  Higashimachi
 Aug.22(Wed) Shitashinmachi
 Aug.23(Thu)  Nishishinmachi
 Aug.24(Fri)  Imamachi
 Aug.25(Sat)   Kamishinmachi
 Aug.26(Sun)  Fukujima
 Aug.27(Mon) Suwamachi
 Aug.28(Tue)  Nishimachi
 Aug.29(Wed) Kagamimachi
 Aug.30(Thu) Tenmacho 


Links to Yatsuo

 Etchu Yatsuo Tourism Association
 Toyama Yatsuo Yamada Society of Commerce and Industry

   (only in Japanese)

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